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New at Zid Zid Kids

Zid Zid Kids has such incredible things for children, I think if I had my own I'd be buying up their store. I really can't say enough about their stuff. It looks like Zid Zid's in the process of updating their site from last year's catalog, but a bunch of beautiful new animal cushions, blankets and "poofs" (now in leather) have landed at Design Public. I think the owl can pass as "grown up," can't it?

Zid Zid's vibrant, imaginative designs remind me of the carnivalesque streets of Marrakech -- the city to which its founders Julie Klear and Moulay Essakalli moved from Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2003.
Moulay is a RISD-trained graphic designer and Moroccan native; Julie has exhibited her art in multiple American museums, and has 15 years’ experience teaching art to children.


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