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Floating bookshelves

Nicole sent me a link via Gothamist about an interesting concept: books as shelves. You can get your literal bookshelves at the Park Slope shop Cog and Pearl and also at the not-quite-yet launched Curiosity Shoppe Online. They can hold up to five pounds. Or, if you have a favorite book you want converted into a shelf, contact Ezra Waltermaurer at Little Fish Furniture. I'm trying to decide which vintage books I'd choose myself...hmm. Maybe The Grapes of Wrath, Jane Eyre and The Once and Future King. (I have my high school English teachers, Mrs. Simmelink and Mrs. Stuckey, to thank for that list.)

Chiasso has another do-it-yourself stackable version for just $15. Secure a large hardcover into the shelf bracket and add a stack of books. Small rivets hold the hardcover in place so the bottom becomes the shelf. I think it looks fabulous.


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