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Christmas cards already?

I'm basking in the 70-degree sun through the windows of my office today in New York, but Christmas 2006 will be sure to sneak up on me defiantly, like each one of my post-25 birthdays. Cards that aren't boring below -- even if you aren't thinking about buying any till the wind blows straight through the sheets of the calendar to December. Oh, and the card above is by Fred Flare. Inside reads: "Pez on Earth" Indeed.
I think I'm in love with Yee-Haw Industries, a designer of some lovely, lovely Appalachian-themed letterpress posters, prints and fine art. Their cards on extra thick kraft stock can be sent as post cards, too. Dig the banjo-playing Santa and snowmen.

These crack me up: The coal card at Greer Chicago, the caroling robot, reinbot and snowbot sets from Whirr, and all of the new holiday cards at Sidepony, but that's no surprise.

Southern stationery company Night Owl Paper Goods is not to be missed. Their designs are absolutely some of the most gorgeous I've seen. Check out their holiday cards here.

And finally, a couple of cute new cards have landed on Dear Monday's site. Dusted with Swarovski crystals and $5 each, these are for the ones you want to impress.


Blogger poppy said...

oh this is so crazy...i didn't visit your blog till now and posted about yee haw's cards and the pez too! thanks for makingyourself aware to my world!

5:50 PM  

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