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The baroque! Brocade Home

Brocade Home was launched as a new brand by Restoration Hardware just a couple of months ago. Apartment Therapy wrote about it here and here. There is no actual store (yet) and the website only allows you to page through the catalog. Anyway, I got my second catalog in the mail the other day. Personally, I'm not a huge fan, but I know a lot of people are head over heels for it. For me, it's a little too European baroque castle with a moat and a ghost or two. Lots of massive tufted headboards. Lots of curlicues and wallpaper jacquard upholstery and curve back chairs. Lots of heavy mirrors, sconces and inordinately long taper candles. Lots of crushed velvet. Colors all very rich. Romantic and pretty, true, but not my idea of simplicity and comfort.

Bizarrely, the catalog shows these extremely low-hanging chandeliers all over the, no more than a foot above the bed or a few inches from the floor...All I could think about was that people in earthquake-prone California would be screwed. Nevertheless, the chandeliers themselves were actually some of the pieces I liked best. Not budget buys but too cheap for a real castle dweller to buy (The ones pictured below run $199-$499.)
This chair with lovely peony jacquard upholstery against that chocolate bedding is starting to grow on me, too.

A couple of other highlights were these upholstered circles in teal crushed velvet (nice and simple) and a gorgeous set of green and espresso glass taper holders.


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