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Three campers shared a sense of humor...

and a passion for art and a love for typography. They wanted to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They hoped you might wear them too.

The president of The Beer Club (an exclusive organization I belong to;), Kim, is friends with one of the guys who started up this staggeringly cool new t-shirt company called Campfire that you must check out. Kim even surprised us each with a sweet "Beer:30" shirt that describes our coterie to a T. They'll have a booth at Atlantic Antic in Brooklyn this Sunday the 17th, so stop by if you're in the city!

I'm excited about Campfire for the following reasons: 1.) They're from Akron, and their Ohio-themed shirts are the best I've ever seen. By far. All love for things Round on the end and HI in the middle. 2.) Their designs/typography are kick-ass. 3.) Yes, everyone loves a New Jersey girl, but Campfire's take on state and regional pride is actually witty, original and at many points, hysterically funny. 4.) The shirts are $17 and the girls shirts are scoop-neck, not boys style.

Campfire's entire website is in Flash, so I'm not able to link to individual shirts or site sections here. Must.see.the Ralphie one. and Mary Lou. And make sure to check the "City Series" -- Metropolis Magazine features this line in the October issue out now. Also, looking forward to the "Get Nostalgic" series whenever it lands.

And finally, I present one of Campfire's true gems. I died laughing the first time I saw this. If you're from the Cleveland area, you know who these two guys are and you're probably giggling at this right now. So. genius.


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