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Rug crush

Aerial view of Stockholm, maybe? No clue, but it looks interesting. I'd love to have one like this of Cleveland. This cotton handwoven Ikea PS Gylsboda rug is $49.99 at Ikea, natch.

A few more standouts I noticed browsing the Ikea site, all for under $300: the Ikea PS in a vibrant dark red. Love the Spirograph-iness of it. And new on the site are the stunning Andrea Rund and Andrea Cirkel rugs, designed by Jon Eliason. The burnt sienna/white color combo and chunky swirl pattern of the Rund rug are fab, and same goes for the Cirkel's purple ink and gold geometric petals. Definite attention-getters.

I dig this teal and cream starburst Malou bathmat for $9.99.


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