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More! bedding

Brand new on Ikea's site are a feast-for-the-eyes, easy-on-the-wallet pair of quilt covers and pillowcases. I love, love the of-the-moment peacock blue shade of the Hanna Blom set.

Urban Outfitters has this new bird snake pattern that I think I really like...

I just learned about Victoria's Secret's recently (or maybe not that recently) launched line called Pink, aimed at college kids. Naturally, since I just graduated OU in 1999, I had to have a look. The pink toile print/black-and-white stripes of this reversible comforter is the cat's pajamas. My boyfriend would not be having it.

Here we have a new wildflower duvet for about $100 from "affordable luxury" standby West Elm that reminds me greatly of Amenity Home's prints. Nature motifs abound.

The unmistakable texture of West Elm's mod pod quilt & shams totally brings me back to the '80s. I think just about every blanket in our house had that stitching.


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