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Funky fish homes

I just bought this nifty wall-mounted fishbowl from Mod Livin', and can't wait to get a fishie or two. Looks like Target has a similar version for $19.99. I'm happy to support the independent, Denver-based Mod Livin', though. Important: bettas thrive best in smaller aquariums and bowls (1-5 gallons). Contrary to popular belief, goldfish and tetras should have at least 10 gallons of water to live in.

Apparently vintage Apple Macintosh acquariums -- Macquariums, as techies call them -- go for around $300. OpOrb has come to the rescue and introduced a do-it-yourself kit for just $40. It comes with the Macintosh classic computer case already gutted out and complete instructions. You'll have to get some items from a hardware store to complete the aquarium, but it'll still be cheap (and the end product totally worth it). p.s. OpOrb also has some great retro modern decor for sale (ashtrays, glass art, vases, etc.)



Calliope, a woman-owned boutique that carries so many lovely things, has this stylin' mod fish bowl for $49. Available in four different colors.

Spotted this hilarious office-themed fish tank on the Fred Flare site the other day. Target has the same one (same price), by the way.


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