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Frivilous fun

It's almost Friday, and I'm still recovering from Labor Day weekend. It was super hectic playing tourguide to family visiting me from Cleveland, but we had a blast. Here is my 10-year-old stepsister, Andrea, attempting to use chopsticks for the first time at our lunch at Congee Village in the Lower East Side.

She tried desperately to copy my chopstick technique, but her fingers seemed too small to grip the sticks correctly. So, I thought of her when I came across these cool spring-loaded clothespin chopsticks from Chiasso, made for kids and beginners. May be a neat Christmas gift.
The invasion of the fortune cookie continues. The key to these beautifully designed placecard holders is that they're multipurpose. When you're not having a party, use them to hold photos or notes or to decorate your tabletop.

Another find from Chiasso: this Color Calm DVD. Watch technicolor clouds floating across your TV along with 180 minutes of relaxing tunes. Or put it on mute and play your own.


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