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Framing posters = a pain

Problem: Unframed Posters

Solution: Poster Hangers

My Dad got me the two prints pictured up top for Christmas last year, and they've sat rolled up atop our armoire ever since, collecting dust like the pants that don't fit me anymore in my closet. I've been talking about getting these prints, which I love, up on our walls forever, but I don't have a tube in which to transport them or know a framer anywhere in my neighborhood. Or, it could be that I don't want to pay the $150 (thereabouts) to have them framed. Then I saw these poster hangers by Jørgen Møller on Rare Device for $20. There are more sizes available on Posterhanger, btw. Looks like an easy solution to me! The kit comes with two black rubber-ended aluminum bars (in black or silver), six clips and a nail. Slide the clips on the poster, slide the clips into the bars and you're done.


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