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The Collection

If you want to see some enthralling design from overseas, head to The Collection. Three years ago, out of a desire to showcase the work of (largely unknown) British designers in France, Allison Grant opened a boutique in Paris. The Collection has since expanded to include designers from across Europe and they just opened an online store this past summer. Hurray! Grant describes The Collection's objects and images, such as an ironing board cover, velvety flowers, a paper clock, a creeping bookshelf, as "not here to impress but to seduce." She says, "We're not in awe of them. This makes for natural integration in our environment and easy companionship."

Most of The Collection's products are a bit on the expensive side, especially considering hefty international shipping costs, so I'm including only some of the lower-cost items here. It's so worth checking out everything, though.

These are the most bewitching tea (a.k.a. dish) towels I think I've ever seen. Such a great gift!

There are some clever key holders out there lately, but nothing I've seen comes close to this one. The circles are made of velcro! And it comes with five matching velcro keyrings. Love it.

Grace has a poll on Design*Sponge on whether the wall vinyl trend has reached the point of overkill. I totally get where she's coming from, even though I can't get enough of the stickers myself. Maybe it's because sometimes, some jaw-dropping designs come along that make the trend seem entirely fresh. An example of this would be the very sophisticated, very Euro stickers from The Collection.

If the idea of creating a photo wall in your house or apartment is intimidating, these flocked frames could be the answer. I love the fact that they look so dramatic and unique while cutting out the need to buy tons of individual frames, not to mention having to coordinate them all.


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