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Anti-Hallmark cards

Shopping the greeting card aisle at Walgreens is like watching nothing but Lifetime Television when you have a free subscription to HBO On Demand. There's a mind-boggling array of gorgeous, imaginative handmade greetings to be hoarded online (or in the shops where they're available). They really don't cost that much more than your Shoebox throwaway variety, and many times, less. Instead of running to the drugstore and scribbling out your birthday/baby shower/wedding well wishes in the car on the way to the event, buy a bunch online a little bit in advance, and you'll always be prepared. 16 Sparrows is an excellent place to start!

One of my absolute favorite card designers is Olga Krigman of O Plus D. Her petite cards brilliantly combine everyday language and expressions with uncluttered, witty design. O Plus D is the reason you become a greeting card packrat and five years later, don't regret it.

I recently stumbled upon and was wowed by the hand-printed greeting card maker Tall Cow. Artist/designer Deanna Ebner began creating linoleum block printed cards for her co-workers at an East Village restaurant to rave responses, and in 2004, Tall Cow was born.

It's a tough task finding cards much cooler than Sidepony's. The outrageously crafty Kimberly Dawn Robertson is a master of attractive design, feminist humor and hilarious retro themes (especially the '80s). L.A.-based Robertson runs this operation with her family out of their Koreatown apartment, and the word is getting out with help from glowing reviews in the press. Sidepony goods are carried in over 40 shops now -- check the list here.


Blogger Donovan Beeson said...

Hi, this is Donovan from 16 Sparrows. I got your email and came over to check out the site. I was happy to see we made your cool cards list! I am going to add you to my growing number of sites to check for fun stuff. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to more posts. [By the way, I love that snakes and birds print too.]

9:36 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Hey! Thanks very much, Donovan! 16 Sparrows is one of my favorites! :)

12:35 AM  

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