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Wall art forever

Stencils have been all the rage for a while now, and I'm not still not tired of 'em. Urban Outfitters has a bunch of reusable "graffiti" stencils from Brooklyn-based Stencil1 for just 10 bucks. They can be used on any surface you can paint, so you can go nuts with them. Check out the other nifty designs available on Stencil1's site.

While I'm on the wall art tip, Urban has these
colorful jungle vinyl decals I'm in love with by French designers Ich & Kar (of the Paris company Domestic) for at least $25 cheaper than anywhere I've seen on the web.

I'm seriously contemplating getting this arborescence vynil set by Fran├žois Azambourg. Adore the negative space.

If you're looking for more wall art, Blik and Wallter are where it's at. Wallter is known for its wall slats, and Blik for its decals. What's so great about slats, decals, vinyl, et al. is that besides being spectacularly appealing, they're child's play to put up. If I have a room painted in boring white, let's say, it takes only a few minutes to mount these self-adhesive wonders on the wall, and my space is instantly transformed.

And one less room to paint or, god forbid, wallpaper, is a very, very good thing. For a stark reminder of this, I read the MySpace blog of my good friend, Nicole, who is currently in the process of removing the drop ceiling of her living room and painting the entire room by herself. She says she is starting to feel "like death warmed over," and I feel for her. When all is said and done, I wonder if she'll ever be able to face a can of paint again.

Wall art, you are a lifesaver. Below, the "fly" decals from Blik's brilliant movable
"re-stik" series.


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