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For those who believe "Design Within Reach" is a misnomer

So my boyfriend and I have been obsessively house-hunting for the past year (I love you, Suzanne Whang and HGTV!). We live in NYC, Queens to be exact, and plan to relocate to my fair hometown of Cleveland this spring. We're super pumped. Years of apartment dwelling in the big city has never particularly lent itself to making our living quarters our own, because a.) we rent, b.) we're typical 20-something nomadic New Yorkers -- moving every other year on a whim, sometimes more often, and c.) we were too busy partying. Now, I'm somehow already 29 and my desire to tear up the town is fading faster than K-Fed's rap career.

I want to make my first home awesome. Modern design and comfort are the ultimate combination. Yet, when I'm pouring over the heaps of wonderful design sites and catalogs out there, I usually find myself weeding through volumes of things that I (and probably most people) either can't justify buying, or outright can't afford. True, it's nice to look, and to drool. But with the pricetags being so far-removed from my reality, most of the time I don't even want to bother.

So, in this blog, I will try to showcase the best of the affordable modern design I find out there. I am doing this blog for myself, and for the people who adore and appreciate Eames, Dwell, DWR and so on... but really? Ikea is looking a hell of a lot more realistic. I'm also a faithful Etsy, DIY fanatic and fashion junkie, so this blog will not be ignoring that stripe of the design rainbow. Can't wait to get started.


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