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A CB2 rave

CB2 got it right with this new trio of vases: Olivia ($19.95), Jordan ($29.95) and Morgan ($14.95). Add any of their breezy botanicals, and you have the perfect modern centerpiece.

I have to give it to CB2. I ordered a faux botanical piece and this mercer frame last week. The fake leaf was larger than expected but, it makes me smile and I think it will totally work in a vase in my living room. However, the frame was a little troublesome. I couldn't seem to fit the backing into the right groove on the wood, and the pressure I applied caused the glass to break. This happened within five minutes of me taking the frame out of the box, so obviously I was not too happy. I carried the unwieldy package with broken glass and all back to work today, expecting to spend my lunch break in line at the post office returning it.

But I decided to call CB2 first, and wow, am I glad I did! I easily got a live person on the phone who simply asked for my order number and if I wanted a replacement for the damaged merchandise. "Sure!" I said. Then came this shocker. She politely informed me: "You don't have to return it to us, we'll just send you a new one." What?! Maybe this is standard practice for plenty of other retailers, god bless them, but I don't know of any. If you do, please let me know!

I learned that CB2 knows how to please their customers. Even if their goods aren't always the picture of perfection, what does it matter with that kind of golden service? So, I will be back, browsing their little marvel of a catalog and clicking "add to cart" many times to come.


Anonymous Frank said...

That's great to know! CB2 just earned a returning customer and probably some new ones.

4:23 PM  

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