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Bazaar Bizarre

If you're in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston or Cleveland in December, support independent crafters and score gifts that aren't boring at the annual Bazaar Bizarre, your consummate anti-mall holiday shopping destination. Don't miss awesome Akron-based t-shirt designers Campfire (in Cleveland on Dec. 2).


Gingerbread house kit!

Only $9.99 from Linens 'n Things.

Cards cards cards

I'll admit, I haven't sent out Christmas cards for the past few years. But since I'll be spending the holidays with Frank and his family in New York this year, I knew I needed to find some special ones for my friends and family at home. I already bought some from Sidepony, and I have an idea I'll use to make a few of my own as well. Here are some of the most fabulous cards I've come across so far.

From Broadway Paper:


One week till holiday time!

Yes, it was the super, extra-extended edition of my vacation in Florida (actually mostly in NYC where I was being lazy), but now I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. Today at work while compiling some boring lists for next week, it caught me completely off guard to realize that next Thursday the 23rd is Thanksgiving. It just doesn't seem right. I'd been researching all the latest holiday decor and cards online lately, thinking how I shouldn't be bothering with this stuff yet, but alas. Stopped into Pier 1 the other day to peruse their holiday collection, and the store looked awesome. I wanted a million things (especially the non-Christmasy Aegean enamel swirl vase -- much nicer in person), but somehow managed to just leave with a pair of neat mod oval ornaments in red and clear, a taper candle and holder set on sale and a white porcelain caddy for five bucks.

Last night, checked Target's Red Hot Shop, not expecting too much, when what do I find? Patterns of swirling snowflakes, leaves, deer and birds that were instantly recognizable as Tord Boontje, who indeed has designed a bunch of holiday stuff for them! Nicole, have you seen this? It's crazy how many high-profile designers are teaming up with the mass discount retailers these days. I dig the red acrylic/metal candelabra so much...unfortunately it's currently sold out. I'm also a fan of this Tord multi-colored dinnerware. Very affordable at $15.99-24.99 a set.


Off to Florida

I'm about to head out the door for the airport to start my vacation. Be back early next week! ;)

New at Zid Zid Kids

Zid Zid Kids has such incredible things for children, I think if I had my own I'd be buying up their store. I really can't say enough about their stuff. It looks like Zid Zid's in the process of updating their site from last year's catalog, but a bunch of beautiful new animal cushions, blankets and "poofs" (now in leather) have landed at Design Public. I think the owl can pass as "grown up," can't it?

Zid Zid's vibrant, imaginative designs remind me of the carnivalesque streets of Marrakech -- the city to which its founders Julie Klear and Moulay Essakalli moved from Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2003.
Moulay is a RISD-trained graphic designer and Moroccan native; Julie has exhibited her art in multiple American museums, and has 15 years’ experience teaching art to children.


Lil' lamps

I love the silhouette of this midget Lykta lamp Ikea introduced recently. The shade is made of glass, too -- neat. And not hard to justify buying considering they're only $12.99 each. These are little guys measuring 11 inches tall. The green, blue and white lamps are available online, but the red one is available only in stores.